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IDS (Internet Diagnostic System) is an advanced remote diagnositc solution applying internet technologies, working as a wirelesss bridge between diagnostic devices and target vehicles without any location limits, the DSP (Diagnostic Service Providers) can share the diagnostics to their clients in different places.
IDS can work as an ideal remote solution for vehicle engineering, research,testing,as well as after services.

The DSP just install the diagnostic application on the computers connecting to the suitable VCIs, then the computers can work as the IDS servers by installing our specific server application, the diagnostic services can be distributed through internet to the garages and car owners in different places.

By IDS, the users (garage owners/techinicans/car owners/automotive engineers) won't have to invest a lot to purchase the expensive dealer diagnostic devices, they can easily run the IDS client with cheap client VCI to access the IDS server, then they can use the diagnostic applications installed on the servers to diagnose the vehicles at their local side.  

Product Architecture
IDS consists of the Client end and Server end, two ends are P2P connected by internet.
The Client end of IDS is deployed on the user side, it consists of user's computer, client application,client VCI.
for CAN/K-Line vehicles
for DoIP vehicles
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